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Learn how I helped my clients feel confident, informed and empowered to make lifestyle and nutrition changes that are right for them.

Elena Haisan, 47, Pinner

“I highly recommend Irina. With her extraordinary way of caring and professional guidance, I am finally building healthy habits, changing my mindset and regaining my energy. Irina has absolutely changed my life and given me a completely different perspective on health which is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit.

Irina’s guidance and support was bespoke to my needs and I can’t thank her enough for helping me make positive lifestyle changes. I am eager to continue with my journey using the knowledge and tools she has given me..

Irina Chifor Croydon nutritional Therapist

Ruth Ella Moragas, 44

“When I first came to Irina, I had battled with weight due to mood stabilisers for many years. I’ve been so encouraged and informed. I’m well on the way to becoming healthier, in very safe and educated hands and learning things that have never made sense before. Irina works on practical changes as well as emotional ones, which was important to me because I was emotional eating. 

I have lost a few pounds and my body feels better without all the sugar. I’ve changed so many things! I feel extremely supported and not alone anymore in this journey. Irina is keen on lifestyle, not diet and I love that I can still enjoy eating.

This is the first time I’ve seen a nutritionist and Irina has way exceeded my expectations. She is so friendly, professional and helpful. Even my bloods are being checked. She hasn’t missed any aspect to look into. Undoubtedly, it has been worth the money. This is an investment into a longer and healthier life. Invaluable to do”

Irina Chifor Croydon nutritional Therapist

Alicia-Ximena, 27, Sophia Bulgaria

“Irina Chifor is a one of a kind nutritionist! Her approach portrays a high level of professionalism and deep knowledge of nutrition and health. I had the pleasure of meeting her when I contacted her for nutrition counselling to help me improve my health. I had severe IBS symptoms, kidney and gallbladder stones and also alopecia areata. After the first meeting, I changed my eating habits according to her advice and in a short time I had results!

My kidney and gallbladder stones dissolved and were eliminated apart from one and my IBS symptoms got reduced significantly. Additionally, I started growing new hair and lost 6 kg. I highly trust her advice and knowledge because of her ability in helping me achieve and maintain my personal health goals, which makes it totally worth the investment! Irina is not offering diets, but healthy dietary and lifestyle habits!”

Dr Anna Lukusa, GP

I am a regular 40+ woman: full time working mum, high BMI, no time for myself, kind of a woman. For a while I had been feeling run down, down beat, unhealthy, none of which I thought was medical or pathological. It did not feel right and I knew medication wasn’t going to sort it, nor quitting any of the busy aspects of my life. I could feel my systems malfunctioning, desperately needing a pick me up, I recognised the need for some “oomph” but I did not know how to go about it, where to start or if it were even possible to be able to do something practical, something fitting around my life and abilities. Not until I met Irina Chifor:

Phenomenal Nutritionist and much more. My Nutritionist, and, perhaps soon to be yours too.

By God’s Grace, there came Irina.

I felt liberated just after the first session: I had tears of joy simply because someone heard me and identified my needs. She prioritised every single complaint and symptom I had: from headaches & bad breath, to feeling bloated & constipation; difficulty sleeping, feeling tired and gaining weight, having unhealthy hair & irregular, painful cycles; not to mention eating wrongly & being highly under hydrated.

Irina tailored a personalised road map for me, produced a visual aid that was simple to follow, focused on my needs & desires and gave me a clear plan. This plan was designed taking into consideration my lifestyle, my work-life balance and imbalance, my likes & dislikes; and what would be feasible & achievable for me. There weren’t any unrealistic goals or aspirations, there was no pressure to comply. The whole consultation and plan of action seems fair, clear and absolutely achievable. Most importantly: it was made for me and included steps that I could actually follow.

I adhered to Irina’s advice & enjoyed following the plan. I had an understanding of what I was doing, why I was doing it, for example: reasons to take this much water & when best to take it; or how to correctly balance various foods on my plate. Allow me to say, I think I surprised Irina: almost all of my symptoms cleared. I slept, I wasn’t bloated, enjoying daily bowel motions (which is such a relief, as you can imagine); I feel my hair, my skin, my whole body hydrated, just by ensuring I drink the correct amount of water for me, as per Irina’s advice. My cycles have regularised and I honestly feel renewed. I am still working on my weight, I understand what I need to do and trying to do it whenever possible, one thing for sure, I am not letting go of Irina and her guidance.

Over the years I have tried various methods, from quick fixes, to diets, to all sorts of personalised plans from the internet, I can honestly say: they don’t work for me.

I’d like to conclude by saying a few words about Irina, though a few words are not enough, Irina is kind, thoughtful and highly professional. She is passionate about her work, about every single detail and possesses great ability to focus on her client. She makes you feel comfortable, enables you to open up about your needs; gives you the feeling that you and only you matter during your consultation with her. Her consultations are truly highly personal, relaxing & calming. She takes time to understand and appreciate you. From the initial consultation, you will be able to define your problem or difficulty, identify ideas of how to fix things, to express your expectations and most importantly, feel absolutely encouraged, empowered, motivated & signposted in the direction of health, renewal and strength. From my experience, I would like to say: it will not take you long to realise it is one of the most worthwhile investments you have made for your own health. 

This investment is not only financial, it is also a valuable investment of your time that will translate into your lifestyle. Her kindness and thoughtfulness is beyond words. Imagine me; her clients, or even better spend an hour with Irina, it will be one of the best self-care experiences, benefits of which will carry you through to renewal.

I highly recommend giving Irina Chifor a try.


Dr Anna Lukusa

GP ST, MscID, MBcHb, BSc Hb “ Anna Lukusa, 46, London

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